Avanti 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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On October 9, 2014
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This is a cost effective solution for small wine collection.

According to the majority users of Avanti 12 bottle wine cooler, the most likable and convincing feature of this trendy chiller unit is its innovative storage idea. While a large percentage of inhabitants/ couples are adapted to consume limited amount of wine; may be 2-4 bottles a week, and interested to store their open wine bottles upright, with an Avanti-ECW1201 cooler system they can attain this opportunity.

This tower type wine-cooler has two distinct sections, out of which the lower part enables you to store 4 wine bottles in vertical manner while you can keep 8 wine bottles horizontally in the upper section. This unique storage concept of Avanti 12 bottle wine cooler has made it a different one among its counterparts. Apart from this, the stunning outfit of ECW1201 together with its oval shaped glass door has made this table top compact wine cooler a popular choice to the small families or low wine drinkers.

Avanti 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Specification

Product TypeWine Cooler
Capacity12 bottles
Body TypeMetal/ Glass door

Special Traits

  • Latest concept of vertical and horizontal preservation system
  • No more worry to store open bottles in upright storing
  • Exclusive look integrated with a oval shaped stylish glass door makes it modish
  • New Generation black cabinet with platinum finishing decor
  • No vibration/humming


  • In total, you can have 3 shelves apart from the vertical section in this cooler. While all the shelves come off freely, they are segmented in two different sections. The upper zone is consisting of two shelves whereas the lower section is a separate unit from the top and comprises one shelf along with the tower section enabling you to store your open bottles upright. If you go for taller non-standard wine bottle, just remove one shelf from the top in order to store your bigger bottle.
  • Many couples and individuals enjoy both red along with white wines by adjusting its borderline temperature level option at 56° F. Since, its lower temperature level cannot be reduced below 50°, people prefer to store both type of wines considering their borderline tolerance. Whereas all red wines demand borderline warmth of 56° F at the lower side, this is fortunately the highest tolerance level for white wines.
  • The u-shaped front glass looks unique and classy while it offers an excess store space too.


  • The spacing between racks is hardly enough to store many regular-size wine bottles. Many customers have difficulty in keeping taller or wider bottles including the 750ml normal bottle. Under such circumstances, based upon the situation, they remove a number of racks and stack the bottles on the top of the other one.
  • In many sets the fan emits huge noise. And, especially if the room is silent this humming level can be disturbing. However, such complaint is not lodged by numbers of its long time users. According to them, there is a noise that usually comes from a standard compressor and this is bearable.
  • The display lighting system is great. But by default that shuts off after ten minutes, you open the door. Sadly, there is no such adjustment by which you can extend this timing.


Considering the overall features and performance, it can be said that the cooler is cost effective, user friendly and ideal for the small wine consumers. The vertical storage system is truly a great concept.

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This is a cost effective solution for small wine collection.

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