Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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On October 7, 2014
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Right combination of features and price for large collection of wine. Choose this wine cooler if you've more that 100 bottles of wine.

With an Avanti WCR682SS2 series of latest wine cooler, it is now possible for the wine lovers to let their wines stay at a steady 54 degree temperature that keeps them cool and yummy. As it comes to your accommodating need; the company offers you a room to store 166 bottles of wine inside, while you are expected to play a simple trick to keep the bigger bottles like Champagne in either of the top or bottom shelves that are larger in height. Yes, all the rest shelves are designed for preservation of the standard 750ml bottles. Naturally, in order to keep your bigger size bottles safely in Avanti 166 bottle freestanding wine refrigerator, choose only the upper or lower most shelves so as to pull them out become hassle free.

Aesthetically, the metallic body concept has not only made it durable but also elegant and glamorous for your wine room. With a product dimension of 26.9 x 23.5 x 71.1 inches and 271 pound weight the seller prefer to ship the cooler directly to your address within 2-3 days by a reputed courier company for necessary safety of the product. The shipment cost comes under your account.

Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Cooler Specification

Product TypeWine Cooler
Capacity166 assorted type wine bottles
Body TypeMetal

Catchy Traits

  • Sleek stylish design
  • Global standard temperature-controlled storage mechanism
  • Smooth-sliding shelves
  • Software-based control
  • Ease and best preservation of wines with ‘Wine-type-specific’ adjustments.



  • One of the specious wine coolers available with a holding capacity to house 166 wine bottles at a time; The in-build circulation fans keep the unit aroma free
  • The advanced compressor of the cooling system is competent enough to meet your heavy duty cooling necessity;
  • The cooler is equipped with superior locking system at its top middle position that protects the wine bottles by discouraging people interested to enjoy your lovely wines devoid of your consent;
  • Shelves are made to address Burgundy bottles; Door hinge is made reversible with a view to offer a better access;
  • The temperature control mechanism is up to the minute and dependable;
  • Remain relatively silent, which is absolutely not noticeable.


  • The spacing between shelves other than the topmost one is not suitable to accommodate bottles having larger size including Champagne, Pinot Noir or Turley.
  • The interior illumination system is controlled by LED lights, which is a great idea. But once you fill the shelves with bottles; it may appear that there is a dearth in the concept of interior lighting. The shine hardly reaches the shelves underneath apart from the top one;
  • The wooden shelves look rather trendy and stylish, however, once they are entirely loaded, you may find them to get bend interrupting a smooth operation;
  • The company offers a standard depth of each shelf, which is adequate to store usual bottles. However, for some non-standard tall bottles, you may face difficulty to fit them.

User Friendly Installation Process

The great is its installation process that requires no special expertise. All you have to do is to take away the packing materials and make use of two screws supplied separately to attach the handle. Now, simply by plugging the cooler, you can get your system ‘on and running’.


Apart from the price tag, temperature control and easy to use mechanism; the after sales support of the company as well its channel partners are highly noteworthy.

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Right combination of features and price for large collection of wine. Choose this wine cooler if you've more that 100 bottles of wine.

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