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Small Cellar Cooling Unit Comparison

Small Cellar Cooling Unit

So, hopefully you have already read through our wine cellar cooling unit guide to help you choose a wine cellar cooling unit.  This page is for those of you looking for a small wine cellar cooling unit for wine cellars 500 cubic feet or smaller in size.  See our medium wine cellar unit guide (500-1000 cu. ft.) or large wine cellar unit guide (> 1000 cu. ft.) if you ended up on the page accidentally.  Most of all, don’t forget to view wine coolers on sale!

Quick Buying Guide for Small Cellar Cooling Unit

Where will your wine cellar unit exhaust to?

One of the first things people shopping for a wine cellar unit should look at is the temperature delta.  Usually, wine cellar cooling units have a temperature delta between 30° – 55°.  So, if you will be exhausting your cellar unit to an area with ambient temperatures as high as 100° , most likely you will want a higher temperature delta.  For example, if ambient temperature is 110° a wine unit with a 30° delta would only be capable of lowering the cellar to 80°.  However, a cellar cooling unit with a 55° delta would be capable of lowering temperatures to 55° in the same environment!

Split systems vs self-contained systems:

Split system wine cellar coolers have two components.  The evaporator and compressor are two independent pieces of equipment in a split system.  Opposite, a self contained system groups both of these components in one housing.  Usually, self-contained systems are easier to install.  If you are looking to do a DIY install, look at a self-contained wine cellar cooling unit.  Because, each unit mounts between standard wall studs.  Opposite, if you are willing to hire a professional then perhaps you should consider a split-system.  They offer the flexibility of locating the condenser in a remote location to reduce noise.

Do I need a Ducted System?

Usually, a ducted system is not needed in a small cellar environment.  However, if noise is a concern then maybe you should consider going with a ducted unit to locate the noise generating appliance away from the cellar.  Many self-contained wine cellar units can have ducting added.  Usually, however, it can only be added to one side and is not a “fully ducted” wine cellar cooler.

Locate fully ducted wine cellar units in a spot away from the cellar.  Because, the ducting will allow cool air to travel to the cellar.  Opposite, warm air will be exhausted outside of the house (or perhaps another room).  Also, a fully ducted system will allow you to save valuable space in your wine cellar!

Split system wine cellar units have the most flexibility.  Because, you can choose to duct them as well.

Sizing a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine cellar cooling units are rated in size by the cubic feet of space they can cool.  However, just because you have a 500 cubic foot wine cellar does not mean a wine cellar cooler rated for this size will work for you.  When in doubt always up-size your wine cellar cooling unit.  Because, perhaps you constantly open the cellar or maybe the cellar lacks proper insulation.

Types of Small Cellar Cooling Units

First of all, there is no wine cellar cooling unit that will fit everyone’s needs.  Therefore, you will need to read through the small cellar cooling unit comparison chart below to find out what model will work for your cellar.  Probably, you are retrofitting a space in your basement to become your new wine cellar.  Or, perhaps you are lucky enough to be building a new wine cellar from the ground up in a new construction environment.  Either way, you need to determine the best location to install your wine cellar temperature controlling unit.  Maybe, you will need to install a through wall system on an exterior wall.  Then, most probably a wine cellar unit with a high temperature delta is necessary due to higher outside ambient air temperatures.  Or, maybe you are lucky enough to be building a new construction wine cellar and can easily plan for a fully ducted wine cooling unit.

But, most of all, the end goal for everyone is the same!  You want to find a wine cellar cooling unit that will provide your cellar the perfect environment for storing wine!  And, luckily for you all of the models below are capable of doing just that.  Therefore, see our recommendations for small cellar cooling units in the chart below.

Small Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Comparison Chart:

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  • Cellar Size
  • Installation
  • Insulated Line Set
  • BTUh @ 55°
  • Temp. Delta
  • HP
  • CFM
  • AMPS (Starting/Running)
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