Haier 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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On October 21, 2014
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Perfect wine cooler for small wine collectors who love both red and white wine.

For both the red and white wine drinkers’, the internationally famed, US based consumer electronics corporate Haier has introduced a matchless 12 bottle capacity wine cooler system. The uniqueness of this trendy wine chiller is its dual section segregated storage system and temperature control unit. While its upper zone is specified for storage of red wines; the lower compartment makes you enjoy your sophisticated white wines, with its lower temperature range.

For effective control and convenience, each section is technically developed with distinct temperature control system along with 2 different LED display for your assessment. The interior of this innovative wine cooler incorporates six distinct chambers whereas; each compartment offers you two removable type chrome metal shelves allowing you to store 2 wine bottles on every shelf.

Specifications of Haier HVTEC12DABS Wine Cooler

Product TypeWine Cooler
Capacity12 bottles
Material TypeSteel/Chrome/Glass

Special Traits

  • A ‘right choice’ cooler for Red and White wine consumers
  • Based on Mega Thermoelectric Cooling System that makes it vibration free
  • With a classy black cabinet and curved smoky glass door, your chiller become a ‘wow ’ of your room.
  • Double touch screen control with dual LED
  • Enough room with 6 storage racks


  • Integrated with separate warmth controller facility, you can attain a temperature range as below to 46 degree F to store your white wines. To preserve red wines, the system enables you to adjust the temperature range between 54 and 66 degree F. Truly, great is its temperature control technique.
  • The dual-panel robust insulated glass door aids to keep the internal atmosphere steady and consistent for wine storage. The thermoelectric cooling mechanism also keeps the storage system vibration-less.
  • While numbers of people remain concern about the standard of packaging during shipment of the cooling system, you can expect to receive your cooler completely wrapped in full-size bubble envelop, which is again packed in an additional box. In addition, heavy plastic guards are used at all the corners or edges of the chiller enabling you to receive your consignment safely and without any damage.
  • LED can be turned on from outside the machine by means of the control panel. All operations can be controlled from this touch-panel tool.
  • Storing of regular size wine bottles is absolutely no problem. However, for bigger bottles; say, if you like to preserve 1.5 liter bottle with 13″ height, all you have to do is to remove one shelf to do your job. By this, your storage number may come down, but you wouldn’t face any problem to close the door.


  • As per many customers the units sounds a bit. But that is not anything irritable or disturbing.


With two different chilling zones, the unit meets your wine storing demand for both white and red wines effectively and comprehensively. In addition, for those looking for an easy to operate wine cooler; this Haier HVTEC12DABS 12 bottle wine cooler can be a good choice for them.

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Perfect wine cooler for small wine collectors who love both red and white wine.

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