How to Build a Wine Cellar – Basic Rules

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Build a Wine Cellar

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If you are a serious wine collector and want to preserve wine then you can build a wine cellar or home wine room. Building a wine cellar for your home (home wine room) or professional use is not so difficult but you’ll need to take some clever decisions about the position and design of the wine cellar. Choosing the right place for the cellar is very crucial as it is the basic thing about wine cooling. Basement wine cellar may be you first choice. If you are not a serious wine collector then you probably not require wine cellar, wine fridge or wine cabinet should be your right choice for space and money.

Basic Rules to Build a Wine Cellar

Wine cellar is a specially designed room used to preserve wine by controlling the climate efficiently. As aging increases the value and taste of wine, restaurants and wine brokers use wine cellar to age wine, but now it is increasingly seen that wine cellar for home or home wine room got its popularity. When building your wine cellar, you’ll need to follow these guidelines.  And most of all, relish some homemade wine!

  1. As mentioned before, choosing the right place for you wine cellar is the basic and most important part of this process. The most common place is your basement, if it is not possible then you must choose a place where the cellar will not be exposed to sunlight, as sunlight harm the taste of wine. Basement wine cellar is the best option to keep wine perfect.
  2. Choose the wood you’ll use for your cellar. As a wine cellar is a damp area you should use woods like redwood or mahogany which is resistant to decay and do not dent easily. You should avoid cherry, birch and oak without treating.
  3. Calculate the number of racks you will need to store your wines, consider the types of wine and number of wine bottles per type you’ll store.
  4. Identify the type of wine cellar cooling unit you will use. There are several types of wine cellar cooler such as stand alone, split system, through the wall, wall mounting and remote ducted cooling system.
  5. Determine the flooring and wall insulation. You should use good wall insulation if basement is not available for wine cellar.
  6. Choose the lighting system you will use, wine cellar must not expose to natural light to maximize the life of wine.

Video Guide to Build a Wine Cellar

These are the basic rules for making a wine cellar or wine room. Here is a great collection of high quality wine cellars at very low price.


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