Pairing Wine with Food Demystified

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Pairing Wine with Food

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The best way to celebrate an occasion is by relishing the taste of a lavish feast combined with an equally exotic and exquisite flavor of an indulgent wine. All over the world, wine and food have been the theme of constant consideration with some believing that wine is to be enjoyed solely without any food and some believing that any wine can be enjoyed with almost all food varieties and flavor. While, the experts battle it out in establishing a sole verdict, let us discuss the basic principles and guidelines of wine and food pairing.

When serving wine to your guests, it is important to know what food to serve them along with so that the wine compliments the taste and flours of the food and food does the same to the wine.  The general rule in this art is to serve an exquisite and delicate tasting wine with a plain tasting basic food, and a basic wine with delectable and appetizing food. For example, for a fine dining experience serve red wines with red meat while serving fish with white wine, while the other meats including chicken and pork taste best with both red and white wine. Sometimes contrasting the flavors of food and wine also work, like in the case of serving a sharp wine with a creamy dish or serving a creamy wine with an acidic lemon dish. This way, the pairing will complete the taste of the palate and will also counter the creaminess with acidic flavors.

Another way is to match the weight of the wine and the food, combining heavy foods with light wines and light food with heavy wine so as to balance the whole meal and bring out the best of both food and wine. Thus, with the help of and by following these basic guidelines you will be able to create delightful meals and menus and make sure that your guests will go home full and elated.

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