WhisperKOOL 1600 XLT Review

The WhisperKOOL 1600 from XLT series is the perfect option for you if you have a small wine cellar. The product has some good features and can easily cool up to 300 cubic feet. It is the starting range when it comes to wine cellars but it has a lot to offer you in terms of features and cooling capacity. The WhisperKOOL 1600 is made with high quality material designed to meet your requirements. The overall quality and finish of the product is excellent. It is small, portable and you can easily install it anywhere in the room. Apart from having great features, this product is very easy to use and you do not need any special instructions to operate it. Just go through the user manual and you are ready to operate it within minutes. The high quality mechanism and machinery is designed to keep your cellar cool and humidity free so that your favorite wines are not spoiled. The main control system is also specially designed in order to maximize the cooling efficiency of WhisperKOOL 1600. You also have the option to change the thermostat as per your needs so if the cellar becomes too cool then you can simply adjust the temperature to maintain congenial temperature for the wines. It is undoubtedly the most economical solution for keeping your wines in a cool atmosphere.

WhisperKOOL XLT 1600

WhisperKOOL 1600 XLT Features

  • Fan speeds – Adjustable as per your needs
  • Environment support – Operates under extreme environment
  • Installation procedure – No rocket science, easy and hassle free
  • Control system – Superior
  • Condensate evaporator
  • Ductable exhaust
  • Warranty – Two years on the unit and labor
  • Energy – WhisperKOOL 1600 is very energy saving and efficient
  • Humidity control
  • Incorporated bottle probe
  • Upgrade options

Optional accessories include a digital display that displays the real temperature reading. You can also opt for the exterior grille that is small and can easily fit in the dimensions of the cellar. 220V/50Hz version is another option for you. Apart from all these accessories customers also have the option to choose the kit containing exhaust duct which is also small and helps in removing the warm air from the room with the help of the external exhaust. So, if the room adjacent to the cellar is used by your family then it is advisable that you install this accessory.

WhisperKOOL 1600 operates under the following environment conditions

  • In very hot climate when the outside temperature can go up to 80 F
  • In cold weather
  • Limited space with the help of external duct and grille

WhisperKOOL 1600 is the ideal choice for small cellar wherever you are located.

WhisperKOOL XLT 1600 Specifications

The WhisperKOOL XLT 1600 comes with perfect specifications for a small entry level personal wine cellar.

  • Room / Cellar Size – Maximum 300 cu. ft.
  • Width – 14.25″
  • Height – 15.75″
  • Depth – 17″
  • Weight – 65 lbs
  • BTU – 1600
  • Starting AMPS – 28.32
  • Running AMPS – 4.5

So if you want to choose the best wine cellar for your small wine collection then this product is the perfect choice for you as it comes loaded with amazing features at an affordable price. The customers also have the option to choose from a range of accessories to make this product feasible in the surroundings. With great cooling capacity and features like digital display, the WhisperKOOL 1600 is very easy to operate and install. All the customers that own it have written great reviews about the product.

Where to Buy WhisperKOOL 1600

You have a large option to buy from but I found Amazon is most trusted and specialized for wine storage and wine cooling products.

The WhisperKOOL XLT 1600 is discontinued and replaced with new improved WhisperKOOL SC 2000i.


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