WhisperKOOL 4200 XLT Review

Looking for a convenient and affordable wine cellar cooler for your growing wine collection, then WhisperKOOL 4200 is the cooler that will fit you cooling needs. It comes in the range of large wine cellars and has a cooling capacity of 1000 cubic feet. The unique design and shape makes it perfect for personal use. One of the most striking features of WhisperKOOL 4200 is its control system which is capable of cooling a large area without consuming large amount of electricity. The automatic controlling system ensures that the machine cools efficiently without killing the humidity in the room. It is a high performance machine and very robust to last for a long time. The machine has measuring probe made with liquid mercury, which is capable of sensing the temperature of wine cellar, and adjusts accordingly to maintain congenial temperature. If you want to purchase the product, then look at the features.

WhisperKOOL 4200 XLT

Main Features of WhisperKOOL 4200

  • Large cooling area
  • 4200 BTU
  • Easy installation
  • Fits elegantly in the wall studs
  • Adjustable cooling patterns
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Forced cooling system
  • Tubing with high efficiency
  • Excellent quality condensation system
  • Digital thermostat
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Controlled cooling
  • Available upgrade options

The WhisperKOOL 4200 has an automatic feature that controls the unit from high power supply as it automatically cuts the voltage with the electronic stabilizer. To protect the machine from getting damage, a red light starts to illuminate in case of nay faults in the machine. It also indicates if the unit is not installed correctly into the wall studs.  Another unique feature of the WhisperKOOL 4200 is its ability to operate effectively even in a cold weather. The exhaust section allows it to cool effectively even in the adverse atmosphere and removes the heat from the room to maintain a congenial temperature. The exterior section of the machine can hold on to temperatures of zero degrees and then operate effectively. Quality engineering and use of high quality materials makes this machine a better option than all the wine cellars available in the market. It also comes at an affordable price so you do not have to worry about spending huge amount of money to maintain your wine cellar. The control system in WhisperKOOL 4200 runs with the help of the chip that senses the outside temperature and adjusts the fan speed to provide better cooling. It also shuts down automatically on sensing high pressure that prevents the compressor from being overheated.

WhisperKOOL 4200 Specifications

  • Room / Cellar Size – Maximum 1000 cu. ft.
  • Width – 14.25″
  • Height – 15.75″
  • Depth – 17″
  • Weight – 67 lbs
  • BTU – 4200
  • Starting AMPS – 42
  • Running AMPS – 9

WhisperKOOL 4200 Upgrade Options

You can customize WhisperKOOL 4200 with air ducting kit and exterior housing but the secret option is that you can also buy the 220V/50Hz version of WhisperKOOL 4200. These upgrade options makes it the market dominator.

Where to Buy WhisperKOOL 4200

WhisperKOOL has a good report amongst its customers and those who are using it will always recommend you to buy the machine. Analyze your cooling needs, budget, and choose from the vast range of machines. You can buy from many online shopping websites but I found Amazon is most trusted for wine racks and wine cooling products. So if you are planning to buy a wine cellar now, it is better to look at the complete range and choose the product that suits you the best. The WhisperKOOL XLT 4200 makes the dream come true of every wine lover as they have a better option to maintain their wines.

The WhisperKOOL 4200 XLT is discontinued and replaced with new improved WhisperKOOL SC 4000i.


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