WhisperKOOL Mini Split Review

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WhisperKOOL Mini Split Review

So the platinum mini-split is a small wine cellar cooling system by WhisperKOOL. Wine cellar cooling elements are cooling systems used for wine cellars to sustain appropriate temperature and moisture for the wine to correctly age. One should understand that cooling units are different from air conditioners. These are specially engineered in order to control the temperature and humidity level in the wine cellar. Cellar cooling units are designed not only to cool the wine cellar but also to look after the investment. Each unit should be well tested and also approved by wine cellar experts.  Also, wine cellar coolers should be able to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar along with the control so that the wines can age in their supreme conditions.

WhisperKOOL Mini Split

About WhisperKool Platinum Mini-Split

In addition, WhisperKOOL is recognized as the world leader in the wine cellar cooling units. Because, they have built the reputation of increased accuracy and control.  One can be certain that this wine cooling unit can keep the wine in the correctly cooled condition.  Even when there are changes in climate and weather conditions, this wine cellar cooler will continue to perform. It features an illuminated exterior display for the accurate monitoring of the wine cellars’ temperature. This cooling unit can sense conditions in the wine cellar and by its own would adjust power levels to retain temperature within the desirable range at all times. And, additional characteristics include energy competence and an alarm mechanism for elevated temperature and humidity. Overall, it is quite compact and a great solution for a small wine cellar cooling unit.

In summary, WhisperKOOL has an answer to one of the most inflexible problems, small cellar cooling obstruction. These latest systems cools around 500 cu. ft..  Along with the compressor positioned in a distant position and the evaporator (cold side) built in the cellar. Gaining extra space in a small cellar is very important.  Also, the brand new WhisperKOOL Platinum Mini Split presents a compact size paired with great efficiency. Coupled with the Platinum Series controller makes the most advanced cellar system including protection technology. Because, this is comprised of purposefully placed supervising probes, that assure well organized performance and long cooling element life. Finally, the WhisperKOOL Mini-Split provides any person with the opportunity to have a high-grade wine cellar cooler.

WhisperKOOL Platinum Mini Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit (up to 500 cu ft)

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Specifications from WhisperKOOL Mini Split Review

Platinum Mini-Split Review Specs

  • Cellar Size: 500 Cu. Ft.
  • BTUh @ 55: 1620
  • CFM: 99
  • Insulated Line Set: 3/8” Suction & 1/4” Liquid
  • Dimensions: Evaporator: 20”W x 10.50”H x 13”D | Condenser: 11.5”W x 9.9”H x 16”D
  • Installation: Install the evaporator in the wine cellar. And, install the condenser up to 100 line feet away.  Also – don’t forget to read the owner’s manual for more specifics.

WhisperKOOL Platinum Mini Split Upgrade Options

  1. Upgrade the WhisperKool mini-split with an exterior condenser housing.  This helps for proper airflow and protects the unit from extreme weather.
  2. New built-in humidity option.

Important Documents

Price History: WhisperKool Platnium Mini-Split

WhisperKOOL Platinum Mini Split Review Video

WhisperKOOL Mini Split

Visit http://www.winecellarcooler.net/whisperkool-mini-split/ for complete review on WhisperKOOL Mini Split.

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Platinum Mini Split Wine Cellar Cooler Review

The WhisperKool Platinum Mini-Split system review found that it is perfect for smaller wine cellars. Enjoy this ultra quiet system with many great features.

  • Cooling up to 500 cu. ft.
  • Soundless and resourceful operation
  • Superior electronic control system
  • Liquid bottle probe facility with 50 ft. wire
  • Humidity controller
  • Standby mode with energy saving facility
  • Alarm capabilities
  • Flexible installation
  • Condensing component can be placed outdoors
  • Can be installed up to 100 ft. away from the condenser
  • Wired thermostat with 50 ft. cord
  • Made in USA
  • Limited 2 years warranty
  • Installation requires professional certified technician
  • Exterior condenser housing upgrade is an added cost
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