WhisperKOOL SC 2000i Review

SC 2000i Review

Ever wondered what it would be like to own a self contained wine cellar cooling system? If you are one of those people who are wine lovers and have always wanted to purchase a cooling system of your own for your wine cellar but have backed out because of the expensive products in the market, the WhisperKOOL SC 2000i is just the product that you were looking for. Also it isn’t like the other inexpensive but efficient products available in the market. It is a one of its kind product that is equipped with all the amazing features that you cellar need and is very affordable. The WhisperKOOL SC 2000i is a self contained system. That means that it cools itself and does not need any exterior cooling. Most of all, it is indeed the new generation of the self contained wine cellar systems.

WhisperKOOL 2000i Wine Cooling Unit, #7262

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Features of WhisperKOOL SC 2000i

There are hardly any products in the market that allow you to buy a product as inexpensive as WhisperKOOL SC 2000i. Also there is good news if you are interested in buying this product. This kind of a product is an investment as a purchase. As once you buy it you don’t have to keep looking after it other than some regular maintenance, also the feature of durability makes this a must have product for your wine cellar.

Wine cellars are supposed to have a cooling system that offers a number of features. But with the WhisperKOOL SC 2000i you just don’t have to worry anymore as all the features are packed into one big package that comes at such an affordable rate. Even the warranty ensures that you are tension free for a long time. Wine lovers around the world swear by the quality of this product. There are many positive reviews and feedback given by customers. Also, WhisperKOOL is so successful in what it does because of the updates they keep on making thanks to the constant feedback of their customers.

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WhisperKOOL SC 2000i Specifications

Even the location of the self contained cooling system is not an issue as thanks to its compact size you can store it any where you feel comfortable. You can either mount it on the wall or even keep it on a table or so where it suits your need. If your wine cellar is properly constructed you can just store it according to your convenience.

  • Cellar Size: 300 cu. ft.
  • CFM: 120
  • BTUh: 1453
  • Dimensions:  14.25” W x 15.75” H x 17.5” D
  • Temperature Delta:  30°F
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • AMPS (Starting/Running): 28/4.5
  • HP: 1/8
  • Installation: Through Wall; Partially Ducted

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Upgrade Options for WhisperKOOL SC 2000i Review

  1. If you want to duct the hot air from your cooling unit then you can purchase the exhaust ducting kit
  2. You can also buy the 220V/50Hz version but it requires additional time to ship
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Important Documents

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SC 2000i Review: Price History

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WhisperKool SC 2000i Review Video

WhisperKOOL SC 2000i Wine Cooling Unit

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8.5 Total Score
SC 2000i Wine Cellar Cooler Review

Another exceptional option for smaller home wine cellars!

  • Cooling up to 300 cu. ft.
  • Bottle probe with 50 ft. wire ensures constant temperature when temperature fluctuates
  • Advanced digital controller - Display of wine temperature, condensing coil and evaporator temperature
  • Smart Alarm - For any critical environmental change it emits an alarm to protect your wine
  • Dynamic airflow efficiently exchange cooled air with warm air
  • Evaporated coil is coated to protect from wet air
  • Option of side or rear power
  • Condensation reduction
  • Single piece mounting bracket ensures easy installation
  • Do not require HVAC/R installation professional
  • Durable finish
  • Digital thermostat with 50 ft. wire
  • Humidity up to 10%
  • Upgrade options
  • Limited two year warranty for parts and labor / 5 year warranty for compressor 
  • 30°F differential temperature
  • Outdoor venting not recommended
  • Spending a few extra bucks you will get WhisperKOOL SC 3000i which has more than double (650 cu. ft.) cooling capacity
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