WhisperKOOL SC 3000i Review

If you are a wine lover you must have surely thought to buy a cooling system for your personal or professional cellar. Whether you are a wine collector or store wines for the love of the drink, a cooling system is a must for a wine cellar to increase the longevity of the wine that you store. That is why we have the WhisperKOOL SC 3000i which is a product that should be on your wish list for your wine cellar. This is the replacement model of WhisperKOOL XLT 3000, packed with advanced features for very little extra money. What is an even better news is that you shouldn’t just have this name on your wish list but thanks to the affordable price at which it is available, it is the must have product for any wine lover looking to enhance their small wine cellar. This wine cooling unit is perfect for mid size wine cellar.

WhisperKOOL SC 3000i

WhisperKOOL SC 3000i Features


  • Cooling up to 650 cu. ft.
  • 50 ft. wired bottle probe facility ensures constant temperature of wine
  • Advanced digital controller makes life easier with easy monitor of wine temperature, evaporator and condensing coil temperature. There is also smart alarm for any critical environmental change
  • Digital thermostat with 50 ft. wire
  • Humidity up to 10%
  • Dynamic airflow easily maintain the cooled and warm air
  • Coated evaporated coil to protects from the wet air
  • Flexible power option (side and rear)
  • Condensation reduction
  • Easy installation of wall-mounting by single piece mounting bracket
  • Electro-magnetic durable finish
  • No need to hire professional certified technician to install this unit
  • Limited 2 years parts and labor / 5 year compressor warranty (see details)


  • 30°F differential temperature
  • Outside venting not recommended

These are features that not many wine cellar coolers in the market offer. In fact these are some amazing features that come at a price that isn’t very high as well. What’s more is that there are several websites that offer huge discounts on the WhisperKOOL SC 3000i which means that now you can have a self cooling system of your own for your wine cellar at a very affordable price and that too equipped with such great features. It is often seen that something to store as expensive as wine comes at rates this affordable and also with a quality that can’t be easily found anywhere else.

WhisperKOOL SC 3000i Specifications

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The WhisperKOOL SC 3000i is a unique product and thanks to its size as well. Because of its compact nature you have the freedom to choose the form in which you install it. You can either mount it on the wall adjoining the wine cellar or store it normally near the cellar. Either way it does not consume much space and is a great option to store. That means this product is perfect from all points of views. It is equipped with great features which mean that it is indeed a very efficient product. The affordability makes it a product that you want to lay your hands on as it isn’t very expensive. And the unique storing ability makes it absolutely hassle free. Also the product comes with an easy to understand user manual that makes it very easy to install and use the product. The manual is composed in such a way that it does not seem like rocket science and can be used by anyone. So if you are one those people who are looking for a good self cooling system to invest in for your wine cellar the WhisperKOOL SC 3000i is a great affordable option to go for. Its unique features make it a product worth buying for sure for your wine cellar.

Upgrade Options of WhisperKOOL SC 3000iWhisperKOOL SC 3000i ducting kit

  1. You can upgrade your cooling unit with exhaust ducting kit which helps remove warm air from the cellar, recommended for small area.
  2. You have another option to choose 220V/50Hz model.

Important Documents


Check market price for WhisperKOOL SC 3000i.

Where to Buy WhisperKOOL SC 3000i

You can buy WhisperKOOL SC 3000i from a large no of stores with or without any special offer but the most important things are trust and customer service. I found after a little bit of research that Amazon is the most loved online store to buy wine cellar cooling units and wine storage racks.


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    Tom Meehan April 25, 2015 at 8:04 am

    I own the 3000 model. Does a great job of cooling but cellar is awfully dry. What do you recommend?

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