WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 Review

Many people love to make a good collection of wine for their personal use so if you belong to this category, then you must have thought of purchasing a cooling machine. The XLT 3000 is the perfect cooling machine for you if you have a personalized wine cellar. It can cool up to an area of 650 cubic feet and has been elegantly designed to easily fit in the wall studs. The rear flange allows the cooler to be easily mounted through the wall. It will not only keep the cellar cool but will also be helpful in increasing the life of your favorite wine bottles. With a lot of products available in the market, many of us get confused on choosing the right one but if you want to choose the best one then XLT 3000 is the best option for you and your wine cellar. The company has a great rapport amongst the customers who have been using its product. Besides the amazing features, it also has a great cooling capacity and can easily operate under extreme environments. It is small, easy to install and comes at an affordable price.

WhisperKOOL XLT 3000

Main Features of WhisperKOOL XLT 3000

  • Bottle probe
  • Digital display
  • Dynamic airflow
  • Evaporated coil with coating
  • Front and rear power outlet
  • Reduced condensation
  • Durable and robust
  • Great cooling capacity of 650 cu feet
  • 3000 BTU
  • Fits easily in the wall studs
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Cooling patterns with convention
  • Two year warranty including labor
  • Option to extend the warranty

At this price point, you cannot get a better wine cellar from the market. With its amazing features and cooling capacity, the WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 is the perfect choice for your wine cellar. The amazing features of this machine come at an affordable price so you do not have to think too much before buying it. The build quality is good and the product can last for a long time. All the products from the company have to pass through the international standards before making the way to the stores so you can be sure on the quality and rigidity of WhisperKOOL XLT 3000.

WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 Specifications

  • Room / Cellar Size – Maximum 650 cu. ft.
  • Width – 14.25″
  • Height – 15.75″
  • Depth – 17″
  • Weight – 66 lbs
  • BTU – 3000
  • Starting AMPS – 30
  • Running AMPS – 6

These specifications makes WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 fit as a personalized wine cellar cooling unit. Another unique and striking feature of this machine is its capability to adjust automatically according the environment that provides better cooling to the cellar. The WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 operates in a different way as compared to the conventional cooling machines. It slowly cools the cellar that helps in keeping the air free from getting dehydrated. It controls the humidity more effectively by cooling the cellar slowly. It is designed to maintain the humidity levels between 50% and 70% at the maximum.

WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 Upgrade Options

The best option with this product is that it comes with many accessories that you can use to customize it as per your needs. You can duct it with air ducting kit which helps it for better performance as it removes the hot air and prevents it from re-using. This ducting unit comes with in-line fan which helps it to install far away from the cellar and this can be as far as 25 feet.  You can protect the ducting kit from weather with exterior housing kit for a little price. You can also choose the 220V/50Hz version of this WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 but it generally delay shipping.

Where to Buy WhisperKOOL XLT 3000

There are many online stores to buy WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 but I recommend Amazon.

The WhisperKOOL XLT 3000 is discontinued and replaced with new improved WhisperKOOL SC 3000i.


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