How to Preserve Wine – New and After Opening

Preserve Wine

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Preserving wine is not a very simple job if you have a few hundred bottles of wine. Wine lovers would vouch for the fact that the joy and pleasure of drinking wine is unique and incomparable. However, to experience this ecstasy of wine drinking and derive the best out of this fruity alcoholic beverage you must ensure that the wine preserve method you used is good enough. If proper preservation of wine is not done then both the taste and fragrance of even the best quality wine would fail to give you a delightful experience. So without further ado let’s learn a little more about how to preserve wine.

The Thumb Rule of How to Preserve Wine

  1. The thumb rule of preserving wine is to store it in a place that is dry, clean and well ventilated.
  2. However, wine bottle should not come in contact with direct sunlight. If wine bottles are exposed to direct sunlight then that would speedily change the taste and quality of the wine.
  3. While storing wine the bottle should be tightly sealed or corked so as to preserve and retain the actual taste and fragrance of this alcoholic beverage.
  4. Wine should never be stored in kitchen or in the refrigerator. While kitchen is too hot a place to retain the original quality of wine, refrigerators are too cold for wine storing even at the warmest refrigerator temperatures.

Therefore, to  preserve wine you must choose a suitable storage location and an effective cooling system to provide the right ambiance and cooling to the wine bottles.

How to Keep Wine After Opening

Wine preservation becomes all the more difficult when the bottle is opened. Preserving the original quality and taste of wine of an opened bottle of wine is important so that you can enjoy the same delightful flavor and fragrance of it every time you pour a glass of wine from the bottle.

  1. To keep wine after opening, the opened bottle of the liquor should be filled with preservative gas and immediately closed tightly. This would help to pull out the air-filled in the bottle and also help in retaining the actual taste of the wine.
  2. Or else, remove the wine from its bottle and store it in a smaller bottle to stop air from filling the bottle and degrading the taste of the wine.
  3. You can also pump out the air with wine pump and tightly seal the bottle with the rubber stopper.

For this purpose various wine preservation systems have been designed, many of which come with separate sections so as to provide the right cooling to the particular kind of wine. The best way of preserving wine, however, is to keep the bottles (whether sealed or opened) in a beverage cellar with a cooling system. WhisperKOOL Split 8000 is such an effective and useful cooling system that comes with amazing and extraordinary features and is best suited for personal or professional wine cellar.

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